Friday, 28 June 2019


This week on Thursday me and my netball team had a game as usual. So after school all the year 1 to 6 netball teams had to go to the hall to get there uniforms. After the Jetz (which is my team) got there uniforms we all went to the courts right away because we had a 4:00pm game. When all the players from our team arrived we started doing some training, warm ups, and stretches. When the game finally started I was on attack which means shooter. I scored many points for my team and we ended up winning. The score was 10 - 28 I could not believe it that was so many. When we all were about to leave I told the girls in my team that we worked really hard today, and all of us were proud of each other. When I went home I had a shower and then went to bed for the next day.

That was my story about my netball game I am still very proud of all of the girls that played and I am also proud of the way that I played. Do you play any sports?

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  1. Bula Jane!

    Congratulations on winning your game! Your score against the other school was outstanding! What was your highlight from that game?

    Keep up the great game playing!

    Kind Regards,