Saturday, 6 August 2016

High tea with the Mystics

In the holidays I went to have lunch with the Mystics.  The first thing we did was get ready.  Then we went to pick up Oalii and her Dad.  We drove in to the city.  Then we parked our car in the car park. After that my Mum and Oalii's Dad had a talk while Oalii and I played in the car.

Then we walked into this tall building and this lady said to us please come sit down.  One minute later these tall ladies came in.  They said hi are you Jane?  I said yes.  So we all sat down at a table and we all ordered.  Oalii and I both ordered hot chocolates.  Mum ordered the mocha chino and Oalii's Dad had an orange juice.  After that we got a big tower of food it had 3 layers on it.  Then we started talking they asked me what position I played and I said goal shoot.  Then we got different kinds of tea.  I had peach tea and green tea, then we all said goodbye to them.

We all went to the car park to pay for our parking.  Mum said who wants to go to the park?  Me and Oalii said yay and my mum said we will go watch the rugby but we didn't want to but we had to so we did.  After that we dropped off Oalii and her Dad to there house.  Oalii and I were watching TV while our parents were talking.  I went and out my shoes on and we left.  Mum dropped me off at my Nans house, it was such a fun day.