Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Compass Directions

Walt : use compass points and direction.

Task Description: Firstly we got a task and we had to write all of the directions that we new.
I found this task very easy because I think that I new where all of the places were.

Degrees in a Circle

                                                Walt: Use compass points ad directions.

Task description: So first we got this task and had to put the right numbers in order. 
For me I thought this was very easy since I new the right numbers and places for the numbers.  

Monday, 20 May 2019

Setting Description 1

Walt:  Paint an image in the readers mind.

         The light aqua water glistening while the calm waves crash slowly.


          The golden brown sand is smooth and it fades from dry to wet. I can also see the waves crashing on the sand.         

      The sky is a nice ombre blue with the sun up high and clouds that look like cotton candy.


             The fluffy dog was as white as snow and fluffy like a little comfy pillow.

     Task description:  

  I first thing I did was I got given three things to write about in the photo and then I got to make up my own thing that wasn't there that I could imagine