Friday, 25 May 2018

Miss West's and Mrs Moala's Experiment

 Research: While I was watching the video that Miss west and Miss Moala made for us I knew it was about physics, gravity and science. I did some research and found out that gravity is a thing that makes sure that we don’t float away. I also found out that physics is just like science.

Hypothesis: My Hypothesis is that if I drop the heavy ball it will hit the ground faster than the pretty ball because it is heavier than then the pretty ball.

Procedure: First you have to ask yourself questions about gravity then you have to get a ball. then you have to get a ball and then you stand on a chair, after that you put the balls on at the same height then drop it at the same time.

What happened (Results): The big ball and the small ball hit the ground at the same time when Miss Moala dropped it. 

Conclusion: The big ball and the small ball hit at the same time. Maybe because Miss Moala didn't drop it at the same time. Maybe Miss Moala dropped one before the other and that might be the reason that they hit at the same  

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Friday, 11 May 2018

Fia Fia Recount

After a while the Samoan group went to the side of the stage so we could perform but at the same time I was pretty excited and scared. While we were waiting to get on stage all of the Samoan group were really wet and cold so we put some baby oil on us so we could be a little bit warmer.

Finally it was the Samoan groups turn to perform. When I was on stage I could see almost all of my family in the crowd and I could also see three of my little cousins and one of them was sleeping. When we were on the stage we all did our dance gracefully and we went all out. While I was on stage I felt like I did well and I also felt proud of myself. After some time I heard people screaming and cheering for us and that made me really happy.

After our dance finished we went off the stage and back to our changing room and I could hear the crowd all still cheering and clapping. After all of that I thought that it was really good and I felt happy and proud.

I think that I would love to this again and I hope that the next time we do another fia fia that it will not rain.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Vocabulary Task

                                    Today I finished my Vocabulary Task that I was given to work on and it was                                          also bit easy.                                       

Immersion Assembly Recount

In the morning of the first day back to school after the holiday, the students and teachers of Pt england school went into the hall and had an Immersion assembly. Once we all sat down we did the karakia and Mihi then Team one showed there movie that they made. it was about how Team one is learning about movement made by simple tools.

After team one was team two and they acted it out. It was really funny. The act was about how team two is learning about wheels in motion. The thing that I liked in team two’s act was the music. It was cool and fun to dance to.

After some time it was team three’s turn to show what they were learning about. They made this really cool and fun movie. It was about the physics of sports. Their movie was so cool and they also had a lot of cool songs and dance moves.

Finally it was team five’s turn to show what they are learning about. Team five is learning about strength they acted it all out. It was some funny teachers playing tug of war, but then they had to put gloves on then on the other team had to put some slippery dish soap.
My favorite team had to be team five’s act. It was so funny and whenever one of the team wins the other team falls on the ground. Me and my friends were laughing so much that we couldn’t stop.  

Friday, 20 April 2018

My Old Writing Book Part 2

On the next page it says,

The next day we went to the mall to find my uncle a suit for his wedding so we went to Conner. At Conner my uncle found the on that he liked and that fit him and then we went to go and get some sushi for lunch. Then we went to go and look at some pebbles, not long after that we went to go look for some shoes for my other uncle his name is Ck. Then we drove back home watched a movie and went to sleep right after.