Thursday, 5 July 2018

Term 2 Reflection Paideia Seminar

this is my Paideia seminar Hope all of you guys comment and enjoy.

Talanoa Project

This is me and my groups Talanoa project. It was really fun to make.
Hope you all enjoy.

Reading Task

Today I finished my  reading task.
It was really hard but I hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Imaginative Recount Writing

Yesterday I went up into a plane and went Skydiving. I went Skydiving because I wanted to try something new. After that we were way up into the sky I could almost see every single mountain there and I was starting to get nervous. After some time I got strapped into my parachute and I looked outside and the clouds looked like cotton candy.

Suddenly I decided that I was going to jump so I braced myself and jumped out of the plane and I felt like there was no gravity. Not long after that I pulled my parachute and when I pulled it, it felt like all the ice and wind had hit me in my face.

Then I really started to go down and I started to panic because I just remembered that I was terrified of heights. Then I tried to call out to the people in the airplane to help me back up into the plane. They said that they can’t do that so I had to go down all by myself.

When I was close to the ground I saw a lot of rocks and I thought that I was going to hit into one but luckily I didn’t. When I landed on the ground I had to start running so I could slow down.

I really had fun in the end and I recommend doing Skydiving if you have the chance.

Glider Competition

This is a slide show that I made to show you all what room 10 have
 been up to. All last week room 10 were making gliders for our competition.
that we had yesterday. My glider did't fly very well because the wind was blowing
the opposite way that we were throwing our gliders. Hope you enjoy.

Cross Word

Thursday, 28 June 2018