Thursday, 14 February 2019

Extn Y5&6 Oalii, Jane, Eva Venn diagram and Compare and Contrast Map

Hey everyone this is a task that I had to do with my group Oalii, and Eva.
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Thursday, 7 February 2019


WALT: write about ourselves on the internet in a cyber smart way.

Bula, Talofa lava and greetings to you all.My name is Jane, and this year I am year 6 at Pt England school in Auckland New Zealand . This year I was lucky enough to get Mr Goodwin as my new teacher. I am working with him in room 7. What I enjoy to do is play games with my family and watch movies. I also enjoy reading and swimming.I really like to play Netball, Cricket, Rippa Rugby and I also like baseball . I also love to go to Church on Sundays because I want to learn about my culture . I am from Samoa and also I am from the island of Tokelau.

Task Description:
For this task we used a templates given to us by Mr Goodwin to write about ourselves for the about me section on our blog. We had to think about our different interest, hobbies, and information about ourselves in a way that was cyber smart.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Waitangi Day

Walt: use the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.

Yesterday on Waitangi day my auntys,  uncles and my cousin’s came over to my nana’s house for a swim. At first me, my aunty, and my nana,  were the only ones in the pool, but then some of my auntys and uncles came for a swim because it was really hot.

After we finished swimming we got out of the pool and went to have some lunch because we were all hungry, for lunch we had tacos with lettuce, meat, cheese, and tomatoes. After that we all went back into the pool and played lots of games.

Overall I had a really fun time swimming with my family and I hope that I can do it again some other time this year or maybe even next year.  

Task Description:
So firstly we all had to write about what we did on
Waitangi day and then we had to draw a picture to go with it.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Today me and my family got to do some pretty cool and fun things. So firstly we all got into our nice clothes and off we went to church.After church we went home and had something to eat, after eating I went into my room that I sleep in and I was just watching on my iPod until I went to the kitchen and saw my aunty's friend that I saw at the wedding last year. So after I said hello we all started having a talk. After that we all decided to go get some ice cream. When we got to the ice cream place we all ordered what we wanted the flavor that I ordered was called Oreo. After we all ordered our ice cream we all sat down and had a talk. After that we went back home and had dinner then we went and brushed our teeth then we all went strait to bed.

I hope you enjoyed my third day in Australia and please ask a question in the comments down below. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Today me my uncle, my nana, and my aunty went to do some shopping for my baby cousin's birthday. Firstly we all got into some nice clothes and get ready then we went into the car and went to the cake shop to pick a cake. After a while we finally decided on what cake we wanted the went to a place called Coles. We went to Coles to get some treats for the goody bags. Then after that we went to a place called Briscoes to buy some decorates for the part like plates, cups, those kind of thing's. So after we payed for those thing's went home to put the stuff there because the car was getting full then we all decided that we would just leave the other things for tomorrow. Not long after that we all went to have dinner then we all got ready for bed.

That was my second day in Australia hope you enjoyed and if you have a question please feel free to ask me in the comment's thank you for reading my  second day in Australia blog post.

Monday, 14 January 2019


Today some of my family and I went on a plane to go to Australia for my baby cousins birthday. So when we finally got out of the check out we saw my aunty and my uncle and when we went to go and say hello they gave us lays. Not long after that my uncle, Papa, and Nana came and they also got lays. After that we all got in the car we all decided that we wanted to go and eat so we went to Subway. Then after Subway we went to my aunty and uncle's house to say hello to my baby cousin his name is Zane. Not long after that we all had dinner for dinner we had sausage rolls and mints and cheese pies. After dinner we all brushed our teeth and had showers then we all settled in and went to bed. 

And that was my first day in Australia hope you enjoyed hearing about my fist day in Australia and remember if you have any questions tell me in the comments down below.   

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone today my family and I had a big party to celebrate Christmas. So the first thing me and my family did was we got ready then went down stairs to have a really nice and yummy breakfast. After breakfast we packed some of our gifts and went to my Mum's parents house and opened our presents. The things that I got was a doll house and some cool gold headphones.

 Not long after that we went to my Dad's parents house and opened our other gift's there. I got heaps of slime kits and glues and a cool little book to write in and also have a big bottle of activator (  activator is something you put in glue and it makes it thick and slime like) and it was a really big basket.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas everyone and I want to say a big thank you to my family for buying all these  gift's. Hope you enjoy my writing about  my Christmas and please feel free to ask any questions about my day.