Friday, 28 July 2017

Immersion Assembly Recount

While we were sitting in the hall the lights turned out and year 1 and 2 were screaming. Then we saw lots of bright stars on the ceiling and then a drone came and they called it a u.f.o. there was two on the sides and one in the middle. As soon as the year 1 and 2 stopped screaming alien came out of  the spaceship and said this might be the perfect spot to live and then M.R somerville and M.R J came out with lighsabers and cut them in half.

Next team 1 showed there movie and it was about them flying into space, and flew to the moon, sun, and to mars in there cars, then they decided that they wanted to go back to their kids back at school.

After some time it was team two's movie, in there movie they sang a space song and it had all of the teachers from team

Once it finished we saw one of the team 3 teachers, and they were dressed up in costumes which looked funny. Then there movie came up and it was about  time seasons and planets.

After a little while team 4s movie came on and this one was my Favourite. It was when the people did not look after their planet and some teachers from team 4 went up into space and the kids were telling them what to do, Then they all exploded.

Finally it was team 5s tern to show their movie and in there cool movie they sang a song about the blue clear tides.


Maths with my mum

Jul 28, 2017 12:32:30 PM.jpg

Today my mum came into my class and saw me and my amazing teacher Mr Moran. Then she helped me find out a different way to work out my problem.