Friday, 28 June 2019


This week on Thursday me and my netball team had a game as usual. So after school all the year 1 to 6 netball teams had to go to the hall to get there uniforms. After the Jetz (which is my team) got there uniforms we all went to the courts right away because we had a 4:00pm game. When all the players from our team arrived we started doing some training, warm ups, and stretches. When the game finally started I was on attack which means shooter. I scored many points for my team and we ended up winning. The score was 10 - 28 I could not believe it that was so many. When we all were about to leave I told the girls in my team that we worked really hard today, and all of us were proud of each other. When I went home I had a shower and then went to bed for the next day.

That was my story about my netball game I am still very proud of all of the girls that played and I am also proud of the way that I played. Do you play any sports?

Deserted Island

 Walt: to construct effective sentences.

One time I fell asleep on my way to an island for a vacation and then found myself trapped on a deserted island. It all happened when I decided to have a break for my birthday and go on a vacation. All I remember after that was we crashed and then I found myself on a deserted island with no food, water, or rescue. 

At the time I was really thirsty and I had a very bad headache so I tried to find shade but it was really hard there were trees but there were not so big and they still had big gapes through the leaves so it still felt like there was fifty heat waves going on at the same time. Lucky I found some shade under a very big rock.

After a while my headache started to fade and I felt like I had a  bit more energy. So I got up but then saw something in the ground, I picked it up and it was some kind of map I thought it would lead me to a treasure chest or maybe even some food and water. 

After a few minutes of thinking I thought to myself that this could either be a 
good decision or a very very bad one. I wasn’t the best at reading maps because I usually use my GPS app on my phone but I thought it was going to be easy I mean how hard can it be. Turns out it is very hard I tried my hardest and kind of figured it out. I made it halfway and I was already starting to get dizzy but I just kept on going. 

When I finally made it to the destination I was really surprised because I saw all my family and friends there I thought I was seeing things but I went up to all of them and hugged them all and they were all real. There was food decorations everywhere. They all told me that they through this party for me and I was so happy it was a good thing and not a bad thing

Task description: Firstly we got given a task from our teacher Mr Goodwin. Then we had to write about us getting stuck on an deserted island and then we find a map then something amazing or bad happens to you. 

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Matariki Day

Today was a really fun day today because it was Matariki day today. Matariki is a Maori celebration and on Matariki day we all get split into different groups and do fun activity's. 

Today I got to go to cooking and arts and crafts with one of my good friends Nature. So our group was split into two so we rotated cooking and crafting. Me and Nature went to cooking first and we were baking yummy apple crumble muffins. So after all of the mixing was done, we all went out to morning tea. 

After morning tea we swapped groups so the people that went to cooking went to arts and crafts and the people that went to arts and crafts had to go to cooking. When I got to the arts and crafts room I went and sat next to my friend and we made colorful stars with paper,  scissors, and glitter. After making our stars me and Nature got to make some slime with Miss Mason.

After we finished making the slime we had to go and wash our hands so we could eat our lunch and the muffins that we baked earlier. So after lunch we came and sat on the mat and Miss Mason handed out the muffins for us to eat. They were very yummy and I wish I got more. 

After we all finished our muffins we got into a straight line and walked to the hall for assembly. When we got to the hall we saw the kapa haka people sitting on the stage. The once all the groups came to the hall the kapa haka group did there item. I loved it, then after a while the assembly was over and we got to go home for school holidays.     

Monday, 24 June 2019

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Walt: identify and write independent clauses

Task description: In this task we learned about dependent and independent sentences. I found it very difficult for my first time but it got easier as I got through the first one. 

Friday, 21 June 2019

Extension Scratch project

Task description: Hello everyone this is my Scratch project for Extension. I haven't finished it yet but I will post the finished product soon.   

Characters Feelings Reading

Walt: take charge of our own learning.

Task description: In this task I had to pick a character and explain there emotions on some different pages.

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Walt: take charge of our own learning.

Task description: So first I had to find words that I thought were interesting and then put them in alphabetical order. But on the second slide I had to pick my favourite word and then go and google the word and then put synonyms at the end of it. Then chose some words from it and then again put it in alphabetical order. Last but not least the last slide. The last slide was my favourite because it required me to focus more then the other two slides. So on the last slide I had to put in words in alphabetical order I found that this took me a while to finish and the ones that don't have a word I couldn't find words that started with those letters.

Journal Word Find

Walt: take charge of our own learning.

Task Description: Hello this is my Word search that I had to do for reading. The red words are the words you have to find and the black letters are just random. Have a go at my amazing word search can you find all of the letters to these sentences.