Monday, 30 October 2017

What's The Time Mr Wolf

Today room 11 and 12 went outside to play What’s the time Mr Wolf.This morning instead of writing we went outside and played What’s the time Mr wolf.Firstly Mr Moran told us what game we were playing and when he said we were playing Mr wolf I was so happy and excited, After that he explains the rules to us. After sometime Miss Timmi came in and asked for me and my cousin to go to her so we did, When we finished we put of shoes on and got into a line. Once we all got into the line we walked quietly to the field and stood at the end of the field and Mr Moran stood at the other end, Then he said that the first person to touch his back wins. I tried to creep but it didn’t go so good so I hid behind all of the people that were in front of me so I could go all the way to the front, When I got up to Mr Moran he tried to make me go to the back but I did not I touched him and I won.  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

T4 Immersion Assembly Recount

On the first day back to school the pav walked to the hall for the Immersion Assembly. Once we got to the hall, we sat down and listened to music. After sometime the rest of the school got to the hall and we saw Mr Burt, Mr Somerville, Mrs Noua ,Mr Wiseman, and last but not least Mr J. Once they finished playing the song it was term 1's act it was snap with a lot of emotion, Like When ever the song changes there emotion dose to it was like it was controlling there emotion. Not long after that it was term 2's tern and there one was about making there own songs and also making there own beats and it was so cool it looked like so much fun. After a while it was term 3's tern to share what they have made, They made a movie and when they talked but it was like in song like songs in real life that I watch and it was so awesome. finally it was term 5's tern and they did an act were they watched on little bit of Lion King and that was the right one then they played the same clip but with different music, I liked the let it go song.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Race Day

Today instead of writing right away we went outside to have some fun. When we got outside we had to line up in a girl line, and a boy line. After some time we walked to the field, but we had to be very sneaky because we didn't want to distract anyone. After a while, we sat down on the hard bumpy concrete it was so hard that it made a mark on my legs.

First up was the girl's, Half of the girls were in group one and the rest of the girls were in group two. When group one ran it looked like a lot of fun and I wanted a turn but it also looked hard and scary. I even tried to hide behind all of my friends and when they moved away I tried to hide behind a tree. When he called up some of my friends I was feeling kind of better than I was feeling before. Then it was group two's turn, When He picked me to go and run I felt like the first day of my White Sunday. That was a very scary day just like today,When I got up I looked at everyone then I looked at the front and tried not be scared then I ran as fast as I could to the finish line. While I was running my heart was beating and I was sweating so much like a pig.

Not to long after that, It was the boys turn to run When I sat down to watch the boys they were ready to race, they had there eyes in front of them and stayed there until Mr. Moran said Go.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Matching Fractions

Today me and my math group did this activity and it was about Fractions it was  really hard. I needed some help from my friend Eva.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Day 1 Riverside Camp

On a nice Monday morning I had it wake up really early so that I could go to Riverside camp. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time because it was my first ever school camp, and I got to spend it with my besties. While we were boarding the bus to go to Willow park, I was sitting next to three of my besties and there names are Mia, Eva, and Madison. After some time we finally arrived and they made us get all of our bags then we sit down in a  room, and then M.r Burt told us witch group we were in I was hoping that one of my friends would be in my group. Once he called my name out I stood up and sat in the line, Then he said my other best friend and also my cousin Sivaenah. When all the groups where finished getting picked they told us where to go to find our room there were also a boys side and girl side. When we got into our room we picked our beds and then we just started to talk and then we made a team name and it was lit to go we thought about it really hard, we picked the name lit to go because it is easier for the cheer. After that we had to make a cheer and our one was a really hard one because the kept changing it but we finally found one to do. Then every body came down to the room to do our chant to every body it was kind of scary but fun at the same time. Then they gave us free time we could go on everything I went on the trampoline with my friend Madison. Then we had to go back In and lision  to M.R Burt and that was all I remember.