Monday, 22 October 2018

That Really Stinks (Story Starter)

One week ago there was a boy named Sam. He stole his sisters phone because he found an app that he thought was so funny and amazing. It was an app that made farting sounds. Soon after stealing his sisters phone, he went to the toilet and pretended like he was going to the toilet. Little did he know that someone was watching him. It was the big scary one eyed monster. As soon as the monster got the phone the monster rushed down the toilet and went back to his hideout. Not long after that Sam made the decision to go down the toilet and get the phone back or his sister would kill him. When he went down the sticky, gross toilet he found himself in the sewers so he called one of the big bumpy crocodile. He went to the monster’s super secret hideout. When Sam finally got over the horrible smell he hid behind a rock in the super secret hideout and Sam bravely came out from behind the rock and saw something strange he saw all the monsters coming into a circle and laughing at the fart noises so Sam made a fart noise with his mouth and they all started laughing. As soon as they all finished laughing the monster gave the phone back and Sam. Then Sam said sorry to his sister for taking her phone and he said that he would never do it again.     

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