Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sentence Types

Behind my house there is a scary old pipe. The pipe is long green and it has graffiti all over it. My older brother told me a story about that scary old pipe and now whenever I see it I think about all the scary things that my brother told me. My brother said that a long long time ago there lived two troll on both ends of the pipe and kids use to walk across the pipe just to get home. As they crossed the pipe the kids would lose their balance for no reason and fall down into the mucky, sticky, smelly creek underneath and disappear.

All the adult in the neighborhood went out looking everywhere for the kids but they were nowhere to be seen, and my brother told me that at night when the wind is blowing you can hear the kids crying in the pipe. That night I went to sleep and it was a windy stormy night as I was lying in my bed I could hear a whistling noise coming from the pipe I got really scared and couldn’t really sleep.

In the morning I asked my mum if the story that my brother told me was true and she said your brother is just trying to scare you but I heard the scary noises coming out of the pipe just like he said, but mum said that when the wind blows through the pipe it makes a whistling noise just like a flute and I said what a relief.

This was my writing that I did and I highlighted it green because that was a compound sentence.


  1. Hi Jane, I don't understand why this piece of writing is all over the place but i do like the story of the scary old pipe. Try to make sure that you have blogged your writing properly.

  2. This story as all the 'ingredients' to make it one with anticipation, wondering and feeling a bit worried. I liked the way you felt about the pipe, as it could have gone in many different directions. There were a lot of ideas in the story.

  3. I see you have fixed this up and its looking great and this story is amazing Jane so very proud of you.