Tuesday, 18 July 2017


last week me my cousin my mum my sister and my aunty went to the movies to watch despicable me 3. When we walked up the stairs we were exited because we searched it up online and it said it was really funny and cool. While walking into Hoyts we could smell lots of buttery popcorn and lots of fluffy candyfloss which was blue and pink. then we got some yummy snacks for the movie and then we had to what for a little bit and we got to go in the arcade and look at stuff of play games, After some time our movie was going to start so we got all of our snacks and gave our tickets to this lade and we ran to the movie room. Later after the movie was finished we went in our car and went to my Nan's house and stayed there for a little while and then we went to drop off my cousin and her mum. That was super super fun and I hope she will come back a another time.            

Night Markets

Last night me and my mum went to the night markets. When we walked into the markets we saw lots of fun cool games and some yum food I have never herd of like the ugly hot dog, the ugly hot dog was actually yummy it had some melted cheeses inside of it and you could pick your own sauce. As we walked down to markets we saw some people from school and they said hi to me and then we saw a shop that had rings sunglasses and necklaces my mum was looking at the rings and I was looking at the sunglasses after that I went to find her and I did then me and my mum went to get a drink and I got sprite and she got coke then we went home, I had a really great time there it was so fun and I hope we can go again.          

Thursday, 6 July 2017


 This term we are learning about Maori miths and this is one of them it is called Tamarereti.  

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Big Bomb

Jumping off the rocky cliff the BMX kid jumped as high as he could and fell into the the deep clear blue water. It was so hard it knocked over god’s plain white sweet ice-cream into the water. After his bomb he ran back up the big long hill and lay down on a rock.

Under the blue sky god and the BMX kid were having a chat about who's bomb was bigger. The BMX kid said “that his grandma had bigger bombs than god”. God thought that he had a bigger bomb. Then the kid asked god if he could swim and god said “of course I can swim I invented swimming!!”

Quickly and powerfully god did a bomb and when he jumped off the rocky hill he did a backflip and a front flip and spun all around. He also was twisting downwards and when he hit the water he came back up and splashed the boy with cold water. Then they went to the edge of the cliff and stood there for some time.       

Monday, 3 July 2017

Rahi and the Patupaiarehe

Today we read a story called Rahi and the Patupaiarehe and this our cool assignment  

Friday, 23 June 2017

The Taniwha

There were some people they look like they were looking for something to kill and cook it. There was some  long pointy grayish grass and some big huge mountain that can almost touch the sky. I can also see the Taniwhas big powerful tale wagging all around and hitting trees.

The big scary creature was hiding in the long grass. It's big long rough tail was so big it made the ground shake for a few seconds. The big scary beast  was a fierce creature it had spikes as sharp as a knife. The creature had sharp teeth like a shark that can bite you in half. The beast is might be hungry he might be looking for a snack.

I can feel the breeze blowing in my face. I can hear the Taniwha getting closer. I can smell his yuck smelly breath and his warm sticky breath on my neck. I can hear the big loud beast rrrrrrraaaawwww it was as loud as a lion and a alligator fighting.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Kite Day

On Wednesday room 11 and 12 made some kites. First we designed our kites by ourselves and could put anything we wanted on it. Then we got a piece of white paper and cut it into a diamond shape, After some time I got two straws one long one and one short one. We had to put some tape on the straws so it won't roll off, After that we got our pencils and started designing our kites with things we like. Straight after that we poked a hole at the bottom with the scissors and tie a double knot with the string that we got given by our teacher. Finally we went outside and got into two lines and went to fly our kites, when our kites were flying my kite kept on spinning out of control. IMG_3824.JPG