Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Big Bomb

Jumping off the rocky cliff the BMX kid jumped as high as he could and fell into the the deep clear blue water. It was so hard it knocked over god’s plain white sweet ice-cream into the water. After his bomb he ran back up the big long hill and lay down on a rock.

Under the blue sky god and the BMX kid were having a chat about who's bomb was bigger. The BMX kid said “that his grandma had bigger bombs than god”. God thought that he had a bigger bomb. Then the kid asked god if he could swim and god said “of course I can swim I invented swimming!!”

Quickly and powerfully god did a bomb and when he jumped off the rocky hill he did a backflip and a front flip and spun all around. He also was twisting downwards and when he hit the water he came back up and splashed the boy with cold water. Then they went to the edge of the cliff and stood there for some time.       


  1. Hi Jane! I love reading your blogs I'm interested to know if God finished his ice cream? :-) I loved the words you used to describe how God did his bomb twisting and flipping that is amazing because God is amazing! keep up the good work my girl.

  2. Thank you mum for leaving comments on my blog love you, and God didn't finish his ice-cream.