Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Stinky Cheese Vacation

last week I got a book it was called The Stinky Cheese Vacation . This story is about a mouse that runes the Rodents gazette. In the first bit of the story he started with cleaning his book shelf witch was really dusty, While he was dusting thick dust formed around his head and he did a enormous sneeze. He  sneeze so hard he lost his balanced and the books came falling down one by one. When he finished putting the books back on the book shelf he started checking his mail and he found one that looked odd it had a black ribbon on it. It looked like some body past away so he read it, it was from his uncle it said he was going to die very soon and to come as fast as you can to penny pincher castle , p.s bring your check book. Suddenly he got up packed his suit case  put his check book in his pocket and of he went. The trip to penny pincher castle is long. When he got there he went to ring the door bell but it was broken and a spring shot at him and almost pocked his eye out. Then one of the shingles on the roof fell and almost flattened him like a pancake. when he looked up he saw broken widows crumbling walls a balcony thats about to collapse and lots of crack.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Compound Sentences

simple sentences
Joe went to the store. Joe bought some ice cream.
compound sentences 
Joe went to the store. He bought some ice cream.

This week we learned how to make simple into compound sentences to do it we had to use fanboys like for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I know my mihi so now I can help my other friends to say their mihi to our class.

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A Work Of Art

As a part of Te Taiao o Tamaki our two reading groups red a play about an artist that made an instillation out of rubbish. But some people thought it was rubbish and put it in there sacks, and we thought that it would be fun to make a sky tower.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Ice Cream

On a scorching hot day my dad got me and my brothers and sister a ice cream. I got a third scoop the flavour on it was chocolate and strawberry and vanilla it had some sprinkles on it and it was drippy. My sister got a double scoop her flavours were mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream and it was really bright. my brothers got the same thing mint chocolate and cookies and cream. We all went out side to eat it and it almost melted in our hands so we all went inside we all wanted to go outside again so we did and it melted so we all had to eat the crunchy cone.

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River Talks

Last week on Thursday  room 11 & 12 went to the river talks at Omar creek. At Omar creek I saw lots of my cousins from different  schools. There were 2 people one was trying to make a fire  and the other one was lying down. It was really creepy because  it kind of looked like she was dead.

Just then we all heard someone talking we did not know who it was. Then he came walking up the creek and we realised it was After a while we had to move around the creek so the little people will have Tamti. When
he came out of the yuck smelly creek I realise that he had some paint on his face it was an animal but I forgot what it was.

Before long we had to move again and we saw two ladies they said that they went into the creek  and got some water from the top of the creek and it was clean. But when they got some water from the bottom and it was so dirty. They talked  about how the bushes and trees protect the water from getting dirty. Because the trees and the bushes keep the dirt away.

After some time we went to sit on the itchy grass and there was a man that was  talking to us about fishes and eels. There was a towel around the fishes and eels.At  first  I didn’t know what it was and he took the towel off and we all saw that it was an eels and fish and the man said any question and one person said is that an elettrici eel.The man said no it's not and he put the towel back on it.

Eventually we moved to the cook island drummers . We  sat on mats and we listened to the drums and they said if you want to dance you can come up the front and dance. They picked some people to dance from different schools after they danced we went back to class. I really enjoyed my time at the river talks I hope I get to go next year.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Weta Hotels

First, We had to put on gloves goggles & protective shoes. Then we went to go and cut the bamboo with a really sharp saw. After one person finished cutting they they put the saw on the table and give  the other people have a turn. After a while we started painted them black so when we put it in the harakeke it will blend in. Mean while Mr Vogt was drilling holes through the bamboo so we could put wire through the hole so we can hang it at the creek so the weta will have some where that bird can't eat them. Eventually we got to put the wire in it was kind of hard because we had to do a not and it was hard to bend.