Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Peephole Narrative

Once upon a time there were four very nice girls and they were all very happy. One nice sunny morning all the 4 girls went out to play and they had a great time for the past 2 weeks until one of the girls noticed the volcano behind her and it was steaming really hard. The next day it started to drip out little bits of lava so she told the whole village that the volcano was going to erupt but time went past and  it still didn’t erupt. That day everyone got an alert that the volcano was going to blow, so everyone took cover. Some even tried to leave the island. Two weeks later the volcano was finally ready to blow, it started shaking and then boom it spoiled up hot lava but luckily all of the people took charge and took cover and they saved their families and also some people they didn’t even know.

Today I worked with Lealofi and he helped me with my capital letters and full stops. He also helped me with my speech marks.

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  1. Hi Jane

    My name is Amy and I am from Glen Taylor School. I really enjoyed your writing. The characters must've went on a real adventure. How scary would it be to be near a volcano! Nice Work Jane!