Friday, 16 June 2017

Kite Day

On Wednesday room 11 and 12 made some kites. First we designed our kites by ourselves and could put anything we wanted on it. Then we got a piece of white paper and cut it into a diamond shape, After some time I got two straws one long one and one short one. We had to put some tape on the straws so it won't roll off, After that we got our pencils and started designing our kites with things we like. Straight after that we poked a hole at the bottom with the scissors and tie a double knot with the string that we got given by our teacher. Finally we went outside and got into two lines and went to fly our kites, when our kites were flying my kite kept on spinning out of control. IMG_3824.JPG   


  1. Hi Jane what an awesome picture of your class and their kites!! I did get a chance to see your beautiful kite with the beautiful flower design.
    Love that you are having so much FUN in your class.

    1. I am having so much fun in the pavilion.