Friday, 3 August 2018

Hauora Poster

This is my Hauora poster that I did for reading.
My group and I had to get a character from our
book and write different words to describe
him/her life and then compare yours to them.
I hope you like my post and I also hope
 you leave a nice  comment.    


  1. Hi Jane, I really love your work, How long did this take you?.
    From Mia

  2. Kia Ora Jane.
    My name is Geordie and I in in Mamaku one in Grey Main School (year 6)

    I really liked it how you shared the key things in your world and told me about someone else's life. It was also very eye-catching.
    This reminded me of when i did this at school. We did it a tad different and we had to draw it.
    Maybe next time you could add a bit more about Kenzie.
    Did you enjoy making it?