Monday, 4 February 2019

Waitangi Day

Walt: use the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight.

Yesterday on Waitangi day my auntys,  uncles and my cousin’s came over to my nana’s house for a swim. At first me, my aunty, and my nana,  were the only ones in the pool, but then some of my auntys and uncles came for a swim because it was really hot.

After we finished swimming we got out of the pool and went to have some lunch because we were all hungry, for lunch we had tacos with lettuce, meat, cheese, and tomatoes. After that we all went back into the pool and played lots of games.

Overall I had a really fun time swimming with my family and I hope that I can do it again some other time this year or maybe even next year.  

Task Description:
So firstly we all had to write about what we did on
Waitangi day and then we had to draw a picture to go with it.

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