Friday, 27 July 2018

Move Ya Body Writting

I am really looking forward to this term because we are learning about how our body moves and also how to keep healthy and fit. I will be telling you about the Team 4 movie and immersion assembly, the activities we might be doing and what I think the topic is about.

In the team 4 movie they were doing different activities to stay healthy. Also they created a new game called spoon hockey. Based on our movie and our inquiry this term I think that we are going to be looking at fitness, health, and also looking at different ways to move our body's.

I think that we have to look at different activities to keep us healthy and fit. I also know that we should drink a lot of water to keep us hydrated. The words that I know for our inquiry topic this term are energy, Health, fitness, strength, movement, and hydrated. The activities that I think we are doing are making new fun exciting games.

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