Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Imaginative Recount Writing

Yesterday I went up into a plane and went Skydiving. I went Skydiving because I wanted to try something new. After that we were way up into the sky I could almost see every single mountain there and I was starting to get nervous. After some time I got strapped into my parachute and I looked outside and the clouds looked like cotton candy.

Suddenly I decided that I was going to jump so I braced myself and jumped out of the plane and I felt like there was no gravity. Not long after that I pulled my parachute and when I pulled it, it felt like all the ice and wind had hit me in my face.

Then I really started to go down and I started to panic because I just remembered that I was terrified of heights. Then I tried to call out to the people in the airplane to help me back up into the plane. They said that they can’t do that so I had to go down all by myself.

When I was close to the ground I saw a lot of rocks and I thought that I was going to hit into one but luckily I didn’t. When I landed on the ground I had to start running so I could slow down.

I really had fun in the end and I recommend doing Skydiving if you have the chance.

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