Friday, 15 June 2018

Matariki Writing

Last week on Friday Pt England school had a very fun Matariki day. In the morning on friday rooms 9 and 10 sat on there mat and got into our groups for Matariki. While Miss west called the names for groups I felt excited but nervous at the same time. The groups were Movie making, cooking, sports, and crafts but I was in the sports.

When I was walking to sports in the hall I saw some dodgeballs set up and I was excited. Not long after that all of the sports group divided into 3 groups one of the groups went to cooking the second group went to ki o rahi and the third group stayed and played dodgeball. When the two other groups left to do their things we were having fun playing so dodgeball. Suddenly Mr Moran changed it up a little he said the we have to start on our tummies and crawl to the line then we could stand up but if we didn’t touch the line you had to stay on your tummy.

After a while we rotated and we went to cooking we split up into three groups again two of the groups would be making so rice bubble cupcakes and my group was making pikelets. The thing that I did when we were making pikelets was flipping and putting chocolate chips on them while they were cooking. After that we all started to eat the pikelets and it was so yummy because the chocolate chips were melting in my mouth.

I really hope that next year I can be in the sports group again because it was so fun to just play around and it was yummy to eat the pikelets.

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