Thursday, 21 June 2018

Animation Voice Over

Animation Voice Over

Walt be thoughtful about links between oral (spoken), written, and visual language features to give purpose to our writing.
Walt form and express ideas.
Walt edit our writing for correct punctuation and sentence types.

Your animation task: This term you have been creating an animation based around the four forces of flight and how they work together to make an object of your choice fly.

Your voice over task: Using your animation plan to help you, write a voice-over to go with your animation. Remember to use specific vocabulary and ideas you have learned this term.

My animation shows a plane going into the air and flying using force and flight. The four forces are weight/gravity, thrust, drag, and lift. My airplane is flying because the lift is more than the weight/gravity and the thrust is more than the drag. Planes can still move forwards if all four force are the same because if the lift and the gravity are the same than the plane would be a bit in the middle. Now I am going to explain the four forces. First is lift. Lift is a force that helps something to go up. For example, an airplane. The second force is weight/gravity. Weight/gravity is when something like a plane gets pulled down to Earth. Then after that is thrust. Thrust helps something go forward. Last but not least is drag. Drag helps something to go backwards. Thanks for watching.

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