Friday, 4 May 2018

Immersion Assembly Recount

In the morning of the first day back to school after the holiday, the students and teachers of Pt england school went into the hall and had an Immersion assembly. Once we all sat down we did the karakia and Mihi then Team one showed there movie that they made. it was about how Team one is learning about movement made by simple tools.

After team one was team two and they acted it out. It was really funny. The act was about how team two is learning about wheels in motion. The thing that I liked in team two’s act was the music. It was cool and fun to dance to.

After some time it was team three’s turn to show what they were learning about. They made this really cool and fun movie. It was about the physics of sports. Their movie was so cool and they also had a lot of cool songs and dance moves.

Finally it was team five’s turn to show what they are learning about. Team five is learning about strength they acted it all out. It was some funny teachers playing tug of war, but then they had to put gloves on then on the other team had to put some slippery dish soap.
My favorite team had to be team five’s act. It was so funny and whenever one of the team wins the other team falls on the ground. Me and my friends were laughing so much that we couldn’t stop.  

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