Monday, 19 February 2018

Untie The Human Knot Recount Writing

Today, before we started writing, rooms 9 and 10 went outside to go and play a game called untie the human knot. Firstly the teacher explained  the rules one of the rules where that you were not allowed to let go of the hand that you were holding. You had to grab a random person's hand and don’t let go, The aim of the game is to untie the knot without letting go of the hands. When we went outside we created a circle in our color group red,orange,yellow,green, blue and
Purple I am in the red team by the way. Soon after that we grabbed someone's hand and tried to get out it was super hard, we had to keep twisting and turning it kind of hurt but not too much and we came second out of all of rooms 9 and 10 but orange came first. Then Miss west told the orange team and red team do one huge one while all the other teams were still going. We tried going under each other but it didn’t work, so we tried going under but that didn’t work either so we went around under and over and it kinda worked but there where only 5 people standing the wrong,  we all thought it counted. then it was time to go back to our classes I had a really good time playing and a good time writing about it.

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  1. wow this looked really really hard, great reading about the experience Jane really made me think I actually was in the group twisting and turning, well done.