Monday, 30 October 2017

What's The Time Mr Wolf

Today room 11 and 12 went outside to play What’s the time Mr Wolf.This morning instead of writing we went outside and played What’s the time Mr wolf.Firstly Mr Moran told us what game we were playing and when he said we were playing Mr wolf I was so happy and excited, After that he explains the rules to us. After sometime Miss Timmi came in and asked for me and my cousin to go to her so we did, When we finished we put of shoes on and got into a line. Once we all got into the line we walked quietly to the field and stood at the end of the field and Mr Moran stood at the other end, Then he said that the first person to touch his back wins. I tried to creep but it didn’t go so good so I hid behind all of the people that were in front of me so I could go all the way to the front, When I got up to Mr Moran he tried to make me go to the back but I did not I touched him and I won.  


  1. Yay Jane what an exciting morning you had. I love that game too I was the champion of my old school when I was your age ;-). keep winning Jane you're a champ.

  2. Hey it's me Leah i was happy that you were the champion i loved your blog... Keep winning JANE and don't lose please:) From Leah you're the best