Monday, 23 October 2017

Race Day

Today instead of writing right away we went outside to have some fun. When we got outside we had to line up in a girl line, and a boy line. After some time we walked to the field, but we had to be very sneaky because we didn't want to distract anyone. After a while, we sat down on the hard bumpy concrete it was so hard that it made a mark on my legs.

First up was the girl's, Half of the girls were in group one and the rest of the girls were in group two. When group one ran it looked like a lot of fun and I wanted a turn but it also looked hard and scary. I even tried to hide behind all of my friends and when they moved away I tried to hide behind a tree. When he called up some of my friends I was feeling kind of better than I was feeling before. Then it was group two's turn, When He picked me to go and run I felt like the first day of my White Sunday. That was a very scary day just like today,When I got up I looked at everyone then I looked at the front and tried not be scared then I ran as fast as I could to the finish line. While I was running my heart was beating and I was sweating so much like a pig.

Not to long after that, It was the boys turn to run When I sat down to watch the boys they were ready to race, they had there eyes in front of them and stayed there until Mr. Moran said Go.

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  1. Hi Jane, Race day sounded like heaps of fun, you know what? you may get really nervous when you are lining up to start a race but its really good to get in some practice so that when it comes to the real deal your are prepared. keep being amazing.