Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Night Markets

Last night me and my mum went to the night markets. When we walked into the markets we saw lots of fun cool games and some yum food I have never herd of like the ugly hot dog, the ugly hot dog was actually yummy it had some melted cheeses inside of it and you could pick your own sauce. As we walked down to markets we saw some people from school and they said hi to me and then we saw a shop that had rings sunglasses and necklaces my mum was looking at the rings and I was looking at the sunglasses after that I went to find her and I did then me and my mum went to get a drink and I got sprite and she got coke then we went home, I had a really great time there it was so fun and I hope we can go again.          


  1. It was so cool to hang out just the two of us at the night markets, and yes! we will definitely go again.

  2. yay! I can't what for the next time that we go and the next time we can bring dad Jaylee and Cullai