Friday, 9 June 2017

Orienteering Recount

On Tuesday room 11 went to Orienteering for Kiwi sports. We had to in a line at the the Maori classroom and wait until our instructor came out. Then- he Explaining to us what  we were doing and then he told us that we have to always face the map to north.

Next we got into groups of two. After we that  we got given our maps we had to see we where we were with the map. Also we would have to face our maps to north. Once we finish the last letter we had to go on the next course.

Once we finish everything we had to get in a line and say thanks to Irene  Leon. Then we would go back to class and finish our work. We had a great time with Irene and Leon it was really fun.


  1. Hey girl it me Leah i really really love your Writing about orienteering keep your Writing up... From Leah

  2. Hi Jane you know when I was younger I was the best in my class in Orienteering so I can so relate to this amazing piece of writing you have done. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.