Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Stinky Cheese Vacation

last week I got a book it was called The Stinky Cheese Vacation . This story is about a mouse that runes the Rodents gazette. In the first bit of the story he started with cleaning his book shelf witch was really dusty, While he was dusting thick dust formed around his head and he did a enormous sneeze. He  sneeze so hard he lost his balanced and the books came falling down one by one. When he finished putting the books back on the book shelf he started checking his mail and he found one that looked odd it had a black ribbon on it. It looked like some body past away so he read it, it was from his uncle it said he was going to die very soon and to come as fast as you can to penny pincher castle , p.s bring your check book. Suddenly he got up packed his suit case  put his check book in his pocket and of he went. The trip to penny pincher castle is long. When he got there he went to ring the door bell but it was broken and a spring shot at him and almost pocked his eye out. Then one of the shingles on the roof fell and almost flattened him like a pancake. when he looked up he saw broken widows crumbling walls a balcony thats about to collapse and lots of crack.

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