Friday, 10 March 2017

Ice Cream

On a scorching hot day my dad got me and my brothers and sister a ice cream. I got a third scoop the flavour on it was chocolate and strawberry and vanilla it had some sprinkles on it and it was drippy. My sister got a double scoop her flavours were mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream and it was really bright. my brothers got the same thing mint chocolate and cookies and cream. We all went out side to eat it and it almost melted in our hands so we all went inside we all wanted to go outside again so we did and it melted so we all had to eat the crunchy cone.

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  1. Hi Jane, loved the way you describe what the ice cream was like. I personally like mint choc chip just like Jay'Lee but next time dad shouts ice cream I think i will try your flavour with sprinkles too.
    Keep up the good work.