Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone today my family and I had a big party to celebrate Christmas. So the first thing me and my family did was we got ready then went down stairs to have a really nice and yummy breakfast. After breakfast we packed some of our gifts and went to my Mum's parents house and opened our presents. The things that I got was a doll house and some cool gold headphones.

 Not long after that we went to my Dad's parents house and opened our other gift's there. I got heaps of slime kits and glues and a cool little book to write in and also have a big bottle of activator (  activator is something you put in glue and it makes it thick and slime like) and it was a really big basket.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas everyone and I want to say a big thank you to my family for buying all these  gift's. Hope you enjoy my writing about  my Christmas and please feel free to ask any questions about my day.       

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  1. Merry Christmas Jane! It sounds like you had an action packed day with trips to both sets of grandparent's houses. We had family over for breakfast and we opened up our gifts before I spent the afternoon reading blog posts and commenting. It was a really fun day :)

    I hope that you enjoy playing with your cool new presents. Are you going to use your activator today?

    Please feel free to write back and tell us more about what you are up to over the break. If you have time, please also join us on the Summer Learning Journey programme. We're having a great time together, learning all about New Zealand and the world around us! To join the programme, hop onto the SLJ website ( and click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab. You'll find links to 60 different activities. You can do any of the activities that you want to and post your answers on your blog. Our team will read your work and give you points and comments. It's really fun!

    Hope to see you back online again soon,

    Rachel :)