Monday, 4 September 2017

Design your own Rocket

My rocketship has a small window for the astronaut to look out at space. It also has a cool Sticker on it that says “ready get go” and it has two bright orange boosters that have flames coming out of both of them when it blasts off. The body of my spaceship has orange waves and the rest is plain bright yellow. My rockets name is called WWE and at the back of my rocket ship has a teddy bear. Also it has a very cool super power whenever I put my hand on the big green thing that has a handprint on it I have to say what I want to eat then it will give it to me.

As I was in the elevator going up to my cool bright rocket ship I felt nervous, when I got into my rocketship I saw lots of buttons and didn’t know which one to press so I picked the one that said up. When I pressed that button nothing happened so I pressed it a lot of times and it started moving.Then, the whole rocketship fell down and some people helped me put it back up.After some time I got back in and  looked at all of the buttons again. After a while I filled the tank  with gas and it ready for take off.Time to blast off in 5 4 3 2 1 blast off! Into space.

As I was going up more and more to go to the planet Neptune I waived to my family as I left earth. When I got to outer space I saw lots of bright stars but when I got close to a star it looked like colorful gas. After a while I looked outside my small window I had to pass all the planets like venus and Jupiter and all the other planets. Finally I found Neptune.  Neptune is similar to uranus the gas giants our solar  system are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

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  1. Wow Jane that's a whole lot of writing you did, very good you know what? We need to get one of those green hand print thingy so mummy doesn't have to cook anymore, what do you think?