Monday, 14 August 2017


Seasons are caused because of the earth changing position with the sun. The earth travels around  the sun called an orbit once a year. As the earth orbits the sun the amount of sunlight each place on the planet gets every day changes slightly, This change causes the seasons. We divide the year into four seasons spring, summer, ortim, and winter. Each season lasts 3 months, with summer being the warmest winter being the coldest with spring and ortim lying in between. The seasons have a lots of impact and what happens.        

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  1. Good morning Jane, Love how you are learning about seasons and how it all work, while you are researching your facts have a close look and check for how words or names are spelt in other words proof read your work before you publish. My favourite season is Winter because I love to wrap up in a nice warm blanket and watch the rugby because its a winter sport! keep up the good work my girl you are amazing.