Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Te oro

Today some people from each class went to Te oro. When we got there we saw lots of papers with lots of strings and flowers, In the first room we went in we saw a project there was a bottle and they stabbed two wooden spoons and they said they were going to put bird seeds on it and leave it outside. They also said that that they wood cheek on it every day so they can fill it up and they can attracted more birds around NZ. When we went in the next room we saw lots of things about Omar creek and lots of plants we saw a vinse  fly trap and it was so small but its teeth looked like knives. After a while we got to go down stairs we saw some girls from Tamaki college they showed us different flags from different country like Samoa Fiji and lots of other flags to. Then we went into the thiter to watch the kapa haka it was really cool. I loved all the songs that they played it was nice then we had to run back to the bus in the rain. My favourite thing about our trip was the kapa haka group.I had the best time at Te oro it was really fun.

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  1. I remember how it rained as we were running for the bus heading back to school and I loved the Kapa Haka too.